Red King Cinema, LLC is an independent film production company founded by Tyler Chipman and David Purdy. Designed to exploit ongoing disruption in the media and entertainment industries and offer an alternative to broken pre-existing models, the Red King team combines creative and financial independence to craft bold original works–to the benefit of our partners and to the furtherance of a great medium for artistic expression: cinema.

Red King’s audience is eager to support a fresh, unique approach to storytelling in today’s paint-by-numbers cinematic landscape, and prepared to reward filmmakers willing to take chances. To meet that challenge, Red King embraces a process that is both uncompromising and collaborative. By building exceptionally talented teams of artists and technicians and providing them with the freedom and resources necessary to create, we strive to deliver narrative art of the highest caliber with every film.

Red King subsidiaries are an extension of this artistic ethos–that empowered, rebellious creatives will produce their best work free from the demands of oppressive modern media conglomerates. Expanding our artistic umbrella allows us to bridge the gap between Red King’s unique brand of cinema and myriad other mediums, empowering our creative collaborators to explore story, character, and theme through their own unique lenses.

Heavy Lies The Crown